Rise and Shine

Deep breathes and a heavy chest, he was alone and just another toy in his cage. It wasn't possible to see within or outside but it was clear, he felt more aware than he ever had before.

It was the beginning of his time, though he was yet to be aware of who he was, where he was or to even establish who he wanted to be.

He slowly began to open his eyes, but was met with a sharp pain and, visibly, nothing but darkness. However, reassuringly, there was yet a slight hum of the machinery in the chamber that began to fill his ears. It immediately became almost hypnotic. The first sound he had heard in his lifetime.

It wasn't too long that it was followed by a second. Though it was a sound that filled him with confusion and immediately sent chills down his spine...

"Please stand-by; decommissioning pod zero, one, two..." The dry synthetic voice continued on, and almost immediately, screams began to fill the room followed by a horrifying churning sound. It was clear he wasn't alone after all, but perhaps soon would be.

He soon realised that despite only having been conscious for such a short period, with no prior awareness or experience in his life that he could recall, his mind seemed to be flooded with at least some knowledge of what was occurring. Perhaps that even made it all the worse.

After a brief moment, already feeling himself begin to shake with fear, another voice, sounding like it was coming directly from within his skull, began to speak with an almost friendly voice, "exporting latest readings and saving genetic blueprint for unit QA seventy-six; beginning severance of blood flow in unit and disconnection of pod from frontal lobe." It was immediately obvious that it's intentions were otherwise not so friendly.

He began to throw himself around, despite not even being fully aware of his complete presence in the darkness he found himself succumbed in, and yet it became clear that there wasn't going to be an escape from this. His brief awareness looked already like it was coming to an end.

Gradually he felt himself slump down onto the ground beneath himself, losing his strength and feeling his thoughts become hazy.

Just as he began to feel faint, as the circulation around his body waned, a bright flash, followed by a loud bang filled the room and something began to hiss. It was then immediately followed by another, and another, it sounded like something was then hit immediately above him - followed by a sudden thump on the floor.

Before even beginning to process what had just happened, he felt himself tugged hard and dragged, eerie lights going past before finally finding his eyes become heavy; his consciousness ceasing once more.

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