Before he even had a chance to reply in some manner, he felt a firm grasp on his arm. It tightened quickly, tugging back, like his arm was nothing more than a length of string.

"I bet you don't even know who you are, almost nothing but an empty doll, the poor dear." He recognised the voice immediately, it was the creature that had pulled him into this dark place, though he dared not turn to face it

"Don't be quite so afraid dear, I'm not here to harm you."

The other creature from across the table was watching with it's small eyes. "Try not to get too attached dear, you know they're not built to last", it said, before turning away and looking down at the table in-front of him - like someone had switched him off.

There was a brief silence, before the creature that had him held tight began to speak again. "My name is Betty, dear." The creature, Betty, shuffled around, inspecting him thoroughly, and he felt something slick against his arm which it continued to grip tightly. "An interesting marking here, perhaps I should be calling you Abel, it's a rough translation."

Abel. An interesting name, and finally something he could use for himself, though perhaps not something he would have chosen.

As he thought about it in silence, the creature still gripping his arm tight, there was a sudden loud pop. It echoed around the chamber they were standing within. "Oooh, there goes another one!" Betty exclaimed, letting go of Abel's arm almost immediately and shuffling away from behind him. When Abel turned around, it, the creature, was already gone.

He immediately checked himself; his arm felt tighter than before from the creature's grip but it was otherwise unharmed, though he continued to inspect it noting the strange imprint upon his arm that the creature was likely remarking on. It was a mirrored pattern, a symbol of sorts, followed by some smaller symbols that he didn't recognise - perhaps writing.

He turned back, the other creature still sitting at the other end of the table, though it appeared motionless for the time being rather than showing any interest in Abel himself, which was probably a good thing.

Abel took the opportunity to look around, though there remained little worth commenting on, the place he found himself in was dark, damp and cold, and he felt more tense than he did outside. The ground and walls were covered in a thick fleshy membrane, though between a few gaps there was a rough looking metal wall; most of it appeared to be coated in the same membrane that occupies most of the room.

The table before him, oddly, appeared to be of a wide and thick wooden structure with a number of indentations across it's surface. Between some of the indentations were odd stains, blood perhaps but hard to know for sure.

Abel got up and walked a few stumbled steps away from the chair he had been seated on, when the other creature finally showed some interest and looked up away from the table to face him again. "Going somewhere?" It asked, leaning forward ever so slightly, as if to give an impression of intimidation. It worked. Abel stopped and kept where he was, only three steps further from the chair.

"You're going to miss dinner, you don't want to miss dinner do you?" A noise left its mouth, like a chuckle only more frantic and higher-pitched, with a distinct rhythm to it. It tilted it's head slightly, "come back and sit down." Abel shook his head, grabbing his left arm and clenching it tightly. Food wasn't particularly something that was on Abel's mind, he couldn't find a desire within himself for it and given the current circumstance, it didn't seem appropriate.

"I'm back!" Betty moved herself back into the room, dragging something bloody behind her.

Upon moving to the table, the creature threw what could only be described as a heaping mess of flesh and bone onto the large table. Immediately on impact it made the most disgusting sound - what was it?

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